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So, I thought it would be a good suggestion that the game be able to provide lower graphics settings, without sacrificing graphical asthetics.

Right now, 1/2 Resolution speeds up the game, but it's still incredibly laggy in populated areas. I would LOVE it if I could play at 1/1 resolution.

Here are some Ideas that would allow my 5-year old computer to play STO at full Resolution, but would qualify as a knock-off of graphics (lower setting):

************************************************** **********
- Less/no portrait, background animations (like when a hail comes in... no animation, just a picture)
- Decreased particle-effect complexity (or just less particles, a lot lot less, or none at all)
- less wire-frame detail (basically, the ship/character/all model isn't as rounded, or smooth as it is 'perfectly')
- no background: I know that at starbases, you can look outside windows, or in space, you can see solar-polarity (a camera effect), or standing officers will do things when idle (or even idle ships). basically non of that.
- less GUI animations. This means no button animations, like a 'shining' effect, or swipting-in windows. Fancy stuff like that.
- no 'warp-trail'.
- No lighting effects, or make the lighting engine take less CPU when the option is set.
************************************************** **********

Now, I know my computer is 5 years old, and of course it is going to be slow. I just wish I could play it at full resolution. That way, I could enjoy it a bit more. Now, I really don't care how bad the graphics get, as long as it is a setting in the graphics options menu, and I can play at full resolution.

If these options could be added in the settings, I would definitely be able to play at full resolution, without a hitch.

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