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12-06-2012, 10:26 AM
I actually very rarely play STO and I only ever pop in every so often just to see how its shaping up. I typically spend 1-2 weeks after a season update and then leave again.

I do however each time always go straight for my KDF toon who I created in the headstart program and see what has(nt) been added.

While I do also have a Fed toon it just isn't as fun and thats not because the gameplay is any different on KDF side. I just prefer being a Klingon than I do a Federation petaQ

So now they say season 8 will be involving the KDF in some way, shape or form. You know damn well it won't. They may add a mission or two, probably the tutorial (what good is that to my lieutenant general?) and then focus the rest on the Feds. Understandably too, they created KDF as a unique PVP faction and since STO's birth all the federation players have done is whine and winge that the KDF have unique traits. Feds finally got their wish and unfortunately Cryptic set the precedence that they now have to do everything the crybabies want.

Without going too much off-topic and turning into a huge rant however I do like the new bloodwin buff system tat was introduced with one of the starbase upgrades. They really need to remove Tribbles as a buff source for Klingons and implement more Bloodwine types. (Make it so!)

Also it would be nice if we got the Targ breeding project that was suggested by the very dev team about a year or two ago.

In regards of the missions they simply need to be told from a KDF point of view. Currently the KDF are far too diplomatic. Sure they have reason to be nice and help people perhaps but they act far too different to what the Klingons are in ALL of the Trek films/series. Not sure where they are drawing their inspiration from for KDF missions but its so so so wrong its sad.