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12-06-2012, 11:03 AM
I have always been fond of just running and gunning:
Front: 3 DHC, Torp
Rear: 2 Turret
Tac Comm: TT1. CSV1, CRF2, CRF3
Tac Lt Com: Torp Spread 1, THY2, THY3
Sci: HE 1, ST 1
Eng: EPTS1, ET2

Then make sure you have:
Eng: two Neutronium Alloys, Borg concole
Sci: Emitter, field generator, Monitor
Tac: weapon of choice concole x 3
Device: Eng batteries; Deterium reserve.
Notes: This will make your science team strong enough to replace about 70% of your shields at once and keep your crew alive. The armor will buy you a few extra seconds to get out. This is by far not the best build or even close. But it is fun when you are hunting in packs. I like to hang as wing man to the strong PvP'ers.

Creep up, spool powers, drop cloak, FIRE!!!

Expected results:
1.) they pop
2.) they don't, and you hit evasive and a battery/reserve and shoot out like a rocket until you can cloak again.