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We'll be adding an official to this race to explain the mechanics of how it works, but this posting should give you a better explanation of how the race starts and how you can participate.

* The competitive race takes place on its own track. If you are in the gazebo with Q, look for the staircase that has a sign indicating "Fastest Game on Ice" and "Fast and the Flurrious." Head down the stairs, then up the hill to your right to reach the start area for the competitive race.

* The competitive race happens 15 minutes after the hour, then again 22 minutes after the hour, 45 minutes, and 52 minutes. You'll know it's on because you'll see "The Fast and the Flurrious" pop up on your mission tracker.

* When the race pops up, it will show a 1-minute countdown timer. This is your chance to get to the starting area.

* Once you're at the starting area, stand on the wooden platform behind the wooden gate and click "Join the Race." You should see a big green "Waiting for Race" over your head if you're in the right spot at the right time.

* Wait for the announcer to call for the race start. The gate will drop. Follow the track and race!

* When you reach the end of the track, you need to grab your place flag. 1st place is the first person to grab the 1st place flag! Once the flag is grabbed, a 2nd place flag will appear, then a 3rd place flag. If all three places have been grabbed, anyone left in the race just needs to reach the end zone to finish.

* If you leave the track during the race, you will be disqualified from the event.

* If the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place flags have been taken while you're still racing, you have 1 minute to reach the end of the race track.

* Once nobody is left racing (either because they've all reached the end or been disqualified), the race will end automatically.

* If you finish the race, you will earn winter epohh tags based on your placing:
1st place: 12 tags
2nd place: 6 tags
3rd place: 3 tags
Participant: 2 tags

* Take your winter epohh tags to the Romulan winter epohh researcher in the gazebo. For 6 tags, you can track one of the winter epohhs as a duty officer assignment (biologist or research lab scientist). When the mission finishes, you will get a random winter epohh baby!

* If you run the race to the finish without being disqualified 20 times, or win 1st place in the race, you will earn the Accolade: Fast and Flurrious, which unlocks the title of the same name.

Run fast and have fun!