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Originally Posted by sollaf View Post
Khan is supposed to still be frozen in the S.S Botany Bay. And Yes I know this is a different timeline, however Nero corrupted the timeline around 2240, Khan was cast into space in 1996.
Not that it would have been possible for another ship to have found the Botany Bay, because the Enterprise is the only ship that is able to fly around space at the moment.

I doubt it's the Khan we know him, though I can see a connection.

Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
Watch till the end for the extra footage. Spock death scene inbound?
1# It wouldn't make sense to permanently kill Spock off considering the whole "you two are friends for life" speech given in the fist film.

#2 Zachary Quinto has signed on for three films (at least). This is number two.

Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
Why are we assuming it is the Enterprise? There are other Constitution Class vessels within Starfleet, and if this new villan is looking for a place to hide a ship, why not the water? All we saw of the registry was the 'NCC' so it could be another ship.

Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
If you freeze frame the bit when Benedict is flying through the air then starts beating on two people, they look like Klingons. They have the mask, looks like a baldric on one, and a bat'leth in the hand of the other one.
You are right, nice find. I wish they'd remove them stupid helmets though.

Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
The first ship coming out of the water may be the enterprise. But if you pause while the second emerges the nacelles look rectangular. Like TWOK. In fact I also cant see the secondary hull, I think I should be able to.
I too noticed what appeared to be rectangular nacelles on the 'water-crash' scene, but the ship that is coming out of the water, those nacelles are definitely the Constitution type. Either they're one or the same ship, or there are multiple ships submerged in this film (which seems unlikely).

Originally Posted by grylak View Post
As far as I'm concerned, the JJ-verse is just as much Trek as the Mirror Universe. And that's all it is. It does not diminish the last 50 years, it is simply an alternate version. A more violent, aggressive version. But in this universe, Spock didn't grow his beard and Uhura doesn't show off her abs.
This is a perfectly rational way of looking at the new timeline. Kudos to you.