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# 16 Fix the interface1
12-06-2012, 12:48 PM
OK these three are long overdue. When it comes to shortcut bar or keys why are they not affixed to their corresponding slot/spots.
1. If you replace one weapon with another you have to make a separate shortcut key? I change out a photon torp for a quantum and I have to remake my shortcut, REALLY?!
2. When it comes to bridge officers if you swap one officer for another you have to remap his skills so they will be in the same spot as the officer you replaced. They should still use the same spot.
3. When you have a big list of Bridge officers and you are trying to put one in the universal slot not only can you not see the whole BO name without the autowrap aournd. But it would be useful to have them flagged by department Tac Eng Sci.

Meanwhile you guys keep breaking what is working and not fixing the interface. At this rate you will lose players like me. And we are the ones that buy most of your extras. You do NEED us.

As a final note you did have the characters utility belts working via slot but now you have to remap everything on those too. You broke what was working!

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