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12-06-2012, 01:21 PM
1) Thank you for adding the Temporal ships to the Foundry. Many authors agree that we are desperately in need of new assets. Are there any plans to designate someone to put in a lot of the missing assets or ones that have been recently created for new content? Also, what do you you think of the Assets Friday idea. Where someone tags an asset for the Foundry and releases it each Friday. It?s a way for us to get some new assets added and not take up much dev time.

2) How do you respond to some of the recent player criticism of the Foundry. Specifically that the dilithium grind makes the Foundry a ?waste of time? (quoting other players here, not my own attitude at all), and that the Foundry is a way to make players do the job the devs should be doing.

3) Setting assets aside, what new improvements do you expect to be putting into the Foundry? For example, will we ever be able to set the size of an away team or dictate that players can, say, only use melee weapons on a map or change the beam-out/warp-out transitions on a per-map basis?

4) There is a lot of concern over the in-game Foundry UI. For instance, players complain about not being able to narrow their search enough should they feel like playing, for example, a 45-minute mission with Romulan enemies that starts near their current location that contains only space combat. Authors complain that they can get anonymous 1-star reviews from people who have never even completed the mission, and said rating will knock them far, far down the list where they will never get any other plays. Can we expect any updates to that in the near future?

5) The changing of the Foundry wrapper quest has generated a lot of controversy. Can you share with us why that decision was made, what are the goals behind it, and can we expect any further changes, say, toward the reward system in Neverwinter?

6) Tholians in the Foundry?. please??
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