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Originally Posted by sirusvoxx View Post
Many more attempts and still failed every time...

I guess I just feel a bit let down as I was expecting a "gift" from Cryptic, but instead I've been given yet more grind...
Sorry you're having trouble Sirusvoxx. Give these tips a try:

Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
Last year this was my technique:

* The thing to remember is the NPC Racer doesn't sprint, they only ever "trot". So if you get a lead, you don't have to sprint again the whole rest of the race. You can relax and take your time. With that in mind:

* At the start of the Race, sprint nearly the whole opening straightaway. As you get to the first turn, reduce speed (depending on your skill you can just stop sprinting and slide, double-roll, jump, catch a corner, etc.) and make the turn.

* If you can make that first turn after sprinting, just casually trot through the rest of the course. You'll win, cuz the NPC Racer will never catch up. The end.

This is how I taught my 61-year-old (at the time) STO-playing father how to complete the race all by himself. He's a little arthritic and has bad eyesight (cataracts, well, had them, gone now, yay!), but he would win about 90% of the time using the above methods.

Other tips:

* This is not a "try it once a day"-restricted event. If you fail, don't worry/fret. Just run straight across the middle of the map, requeue with the Race Coordinator, and try again.

* Some of the turns have "snowy corners" that are still considered in-bounds, and are not slippery. Once you learn where these are they are great for stopping, taking short cuts, and making better turns.

* Those last couple of hairpin turns have major snowy corners that are still in-bounds. You can almost run straight through them (that's an exaggeration, but if you spend a little times testing where the track fails, you'll see what I mean).

* It is possible to sprint the whole race. Once I got my practice up, I was doing it all the time... You don't need to, but it can be a fun challenge. I got to the point where I was regularly overtaking the race in front of me! In fact, if I didn't at least lap the NPC Racer in the previous race (ie the one that started before me), I considered myself a failure. LOL

Disclaimer: This notes are all in regards to last year. I'm at work right now and haven't done the race this year, but I expect it to be the same.

Don't rush, and you'll be fine! Good Luck!

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