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12-06-2012, 01:35 PM
There was a time when discussions about changing the Crew Mechanic to something else was going on. Is that still a possibility?

What is your Vision for PVP in the future concerning Styles of PVP, and the kinds of maps you want to eventually be implimented?

Will there be any more changes to the way Ground combat takes place, or improvements to the Kits for both PVE consideration, and PVP Play?

Will we see a return of the Refer a friend rewards, or even some form of that system where maybe if we invite some one, we get credit Zen when ever they buy zen? (Ala: DDO's Refer a Friend program)

Any more hints as to who maybe doing a voice over for the 3 year one shot Featured Eposide?

With City of Heroes and Paragon Studios now closed, can you tells us who from that former company have been hired so far, and if any are working with Star Trek Online?

Is it possible to get Micheal Dorn to voice old Worf's dialog, or any other official Mission dialog that is currently on the KDF side?
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