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12-06-2012, 01:36 PM
One of my favorite aspects of an MMO is that we design our character. Key word here is "design". I've noticed that after F2P(Free to Play) went live there have been a few more unique faces out there but there are still a lot of "clones". By this I mean people just throw the same hair and (about the same) face on a character and go with it. About the only discerning feature to tell people are different are our clothing styles. We have had the same appearance options for awhile now with a few releases here and there.

Not meaning to compare but, Champions Online has a HUGE range of options when it comes to designing what our appearance is. I'm sure the Champions Online and STO teams are different, but is there any possibility of making more clothing options for STO in the near future?

I've also noticed that my Borg Medical Analyzer Science Kit for ground combat isn't as effective when it comes to the tachyon harmonics. It seems like the borg have stronger shields or the ability strength was lowered (I didn't see it in any of the patch notes). I was wondering if this is a bug or intentional, or even if it's not changed at all and it's just me imagining things...

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