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Originally Posted by dareau View Post
Could it be that Science power damage is nerfed into near oblivion due to "unintended" tactical captain power combination effects?

Could it be that Science ships already only have a 3/3 Admiral level loadout?

Could it be that the game is a DPS race and Science Ship Captains, already down the above two points, are looking for a sliver of extra DPS to keep up?

Could it be that Sci's are just looking for the same "set and forget" power configurations that escorts and cruisers enjoy - all the tactical abilities "benefit" from high weapons power, while sciences need to switch from weapons to aux in order to boost their powers to "effective" levels (or run gimped DPS from the get-go)...

I heard someone ask about fully aux-loaded Vesta, GW III, CSV I & Aux battery. How is this different than MVAE, Pile of Tactical Buffs (APA, APB, FOMM, GDF, CSV III, EPtW, TT, etc.) GW I, and Aux battery? Other than the fact that it's not an escort putting out the volume of fire/damage, and even then the Tac in MVAE will do more than Sci in Vesta...

Look. I'd much rather be able to pick my aux DHC type (why am I stuck with phaser-proc to get this aux-benefit, when I'd much rather have Polaron proc) than have an aux turret. Also, I will admit that I love the Vesta in a Tholian action, I can let their disruption torps bounce off my shields, and retain some firepower/movement with my aux DHCs & an [aux] modded impulse engine. However, the inverse is also somewhat true, if I get hit by, say, target subsystems: Aux, I currently retain the full use of my non-aux tail weapons, but running a fully aux-based loadout means that aux damage will affect my entire ship and TSS:Aux will practically cripple me if I don't have a restoration method available.

In light of the "frequent" science complaints, and the soon-to-be-released "escort cruiser" (aka Breen Winter Event Ship), it seems that the quiet goal of STO's balance department is to make everyone escorts rather than enhance the abilities of the other classes as capable as escorts "in their own way". If this is the case, then why not make the Vesta 100% an aux-escort, instead of this half-arsed aux-front weapons-tail that we have now?

As the OP said, just as spiral waves are only unlocked for Galor owners, these aux-turrets would only be unlocked for Vesta owners. Thusly mitigating the fear that these aux-weapons will proliferate outside the "P2W group" that drops $20 on a Vesta-variant...
This makes so much sense. The Sci ships are already among the weakest, having a decent DPS in addition to crowd control would only make science ships within the same tier as escorts.