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# 28 My Question for Mr. Stahl
12-06-2012, 01:47 PM
Ya, I have a Question, for Mr. Stahl.
About a year back, I bought a ship with Cryptic Points. I bought it, and it became available to only one of my characters. I since, used Zen to purchase extra character slots. anytime I put in a ticket, ( I've sent in three now) they don't seem to believe me, but I'm not lying I honestly bought it with cryptic points ( a 1,000 Zen ship on 20%discount for 800 Zen) Boy! It would sure be nice to use that ship, for future characters, but I was told I would have to purchase that ship using 1,000 zen. They keep insisting that my zen/dilithium ratio is correct, and that I purchased that ship with a free ship requisition. Again, I'm not lying, nor am I stupid... so how can such a glitch be overlooked? I love the game, and I'll keep playing it as long as it's here! I even invest money into it, however, I don't see the point in buying a ship I had already purchased. ( and it's not like it's an expensive ship, either) it's the mere principle of the fact that I had already BOUGHT the [commander level Advanced Nebula ship] with 800 Zen thank you, have a good day