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12-06-2012, 01:56 PM
1) Im a big fan of making new characters, I have several. But however I only have 3 at top level. I love PVP and Im really having a hard time PVPing with any of my Sub 50 Characters.

Are there any plans to change the PVP system from what they are now ? I have played a couple other MMO's and one system I very much favored was a PVP for Levels 10-49, and a Level 50 PVP.

If you jump into a level 15, or level 25, or 30 Character, there are no PVP options, there all empty....I think something like this would be hugely Beneficial...with every character being "Bumped" up to their level 49 equivalent. It opens up a lot of Options for PVP I Think.