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12-06-2012, 02:07 PM
Personal log: Ensign George 'Jim' McPhail
Stardate: uhh... November 12th? I can't remember...
Location: U.S.S. Apollonius, low orbit around Mol'Rihan

Wow, my first assignment fresh out of boot, and I've almost been blown up four different times this month alone, and no thanks to the hull of the ship the last time.
The captain seems like one crazy guy: took us and two other ships against the Borg Queen herself, and suffice it to say, no one on this ship calls me 'greenhorn' anymore.
Now we are assisting the Romulans and Remans who want to set up a peaceful home here. Most of my time these last few days has been spent over on the Dendrobium, trying to fix up what was left of the Gespenst after our scuffle with the queen.

The captain has been mostly down on the surface doing I don't know what, despite the broken collarbone and new leg. That Ray is one stubborn S.O.B., I'll give him that, just wish he'd find out he has a crew here for the more sedate tasks. Some of the more 'challenging' assignments too, since we took on that squad of M.A.C.O's a month ago.
The XO has been seeming tense too, overseeing the repair and rebuild of the Gespenst. I just wish she'd let me get on with my job... Every day I try to work on the shuttlebay but she refuses to let anyone other than Captain Atha work on that section. Its as if there is a secret there that is above our clearance.

*knock knock*

"Computer: pause recording"


"Computer: resume recording"

Just got chewed out by the captain and XO again, why do they bother with Engineers when we can't get a look at the systems we're supposed to be maintaining?! Ray wants to speak to me later when he gets back from meeting with the leaders on the embassy and reports to Admiral Murphy, so some time in the next year or so I guess.

Computer, end recording.
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