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12-06-2012, 02:11 PM
Ok my Main Question:

WHAT is happening to the Star Trek Online STORY ?
What is happening to the Klingon War, What is going on with the Romulans? Will there be Story being added into this game ? Because personally, Story is Everything (Yes Content and replayability and farming is important to) but STORY is more important.

What is going to happen next ? I personally feel like over the last 5 seasons we really havent seen any chances to the Federation / Klingon War, and I dont really understand why it started in the first place, but are we going to see a very long drawn out detailed story that either A) Escalates It ? or B) brings it to a close ?

and All of the end game material is about BORG.

We at war with the Borg...why are there no STF's revolving around Klingons ? Or if not STF's more missions.