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12-06-2012, 02:13 PM
Well, here we go...

1) Omega Reputation is bloated at the front end with Mk X gear that is generally considered to be useless once one has reached Level 50. Has any consideration been given to opening up the Omega Reputation at an earlier level such as 44 when players gain access to Normal difficulty STFs to make these items some what more useful/appealing?

2) With Dilithium and Loot Bags added back to STFs, especially Elite STFs has any thought been given to upping the dilithium rewards for Fleet Actions? If I recall comments correctly dilithium was initially added to them as a way to entice people into playing them more in addition to trying to make it more available correct?

3) The lack of space weapons in the Omega Reputation system is somewhat disappointing. Are there any plans to add them in at some point in the (hopefully near) future?

4) With S7 launching and the changes to both dilithium earning and the heavier emphasis on using it as an in game currency to purchase gear the already high cost of it in Fleet Starbases is being felt across the game, but most acutely in smaller fleets. As a member of one the place it is most felt is one of the biggest draws to even participate in one - the Fleet Stores.

Provisioning projects require a rather hefty chunk of dilithium for a rather small number of provisions (especially at lower tiers) and the fact that these items have a dilithium cost attached to them when purchased in the cases of equipment makes this an incredible burden for small the point where running provisioning projects isn't really worth the hassle. Would you, or have you, considered adding in dilithium free provisioning projects with increased run timers (40 hours instead of 20), lowered payouts (half the provisioning), increases in the other inputs, or some combination of the three?

Note: The one provisioning project where I feel the dilithium costs are not excessive is the Shipyard provisioning project as the ships themselves cost either fleet marks or fleet marks and ship modules.

5) The changes made to the Gorn Minefield fleet action have made it much more fun and enjoyable (in my opinion and experience) than it's previous incarnation. Are you planning, or in the process of making similar changes to the other fleet actions - both those that are currently in game and those that have been removed in the past?

6) With the removal of the STF store and the institution of the new Reputation system is it possible we'll see more STFs added to the game? (For clarification I refer to five-man missions with split difficulty levels, one hour cooldown timers, dilithium, mark, and loot rewards at the end as STFs).

7) Related to the above if we do see STFs added to the game could we see some that are Romulan themed and award Romulan Marks? Maybe have a few (like the rumored Children of Khan STF) that award Fleet Marks until/unless a Reputation system for that particula "faction" is added?

8) Could we please have MACO, Omega, and Honor Guard combat EV suits added to the game?

9) Alternately could we have EV suit functionality added to the Mk XII MACO, Omega, and Honor Guard armors?

10) Will the Chel Gret be available in next year's Winter Wonderland?

11) There are a number of Reputation Projects that are already cluttering up my UI even just at Tier 3. Is it possible to add some method of "hiding" and "unhiding" them that will be remembered even after logging out and back in?

12) Is the KDF ever going to get something equivalent to the Federation's Heavy Escort Carrier?