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Sorry for the long list of questions, hopefully a few of them could be answered

1. Will the dreadnaught ever get saucer seperation or a fleet version?

2. will antennas on andorian, aenar and aliens animate like caitian tails?

3. will we see accesories like galsses, necklaces, bracelets and other sorts of jewlery?

4. Would bridge officers ever get costume slots aswell?

5. will we ever see special bridge officers like the jemhadar, hologram, borg, reman, etc becoming customizable? also about cross faction officers from level 4 diplomacy being able to wear federation uniforms?

6. would we see the mail function return to the sto forums? I have so much mail from the exchange my game freezes and lags when ever i open it. Or possibly an upgrade to the mail system in game allowing folders and selecting multiple mail.

7. would we see more involvement with holodecks? would be a neat idea if we could go to our ships holodeck to do some training simulations, sherlock holmes mission, dixon hill missions, sports. also repeating any episode missions could have us report to the holodeck to redo the mission. would give the feel like what we did happened once, and weare just redoing them in the holodeck to see what might have occuried if we took a different approach.

8. For the alien bridge officers, could we see more options? i would like to see caitian ears, tail, whiskers and fersan fangs be added. also could the alien male long nails and boney claw be added to the female aliens? find it odd they dont have that option, and also odd that the long nails are not available to all female races.

9. For the Security escort and summon medic with hypospray abilities, could we be able to have our bridge officers not currently in the away team come in instead of the generic crew? I have 24 bridge officers and I like them all, but at end game, i barely get to see any of them.

10. would we ever see poker, 3d chess, kadis-kot, kal-toh, fizzbin, strategema, and darts mini games in 10 forword? we could play alone with our bridge officers or with other players on our team. could be a good use for the latinum currency. fencing and anbo-jitsu could be played also in the rec room.

11. could there be some earth pets instead of always being alien pets? archer had a dog, and data had a cat.

12. How come the kinetic cutting beam is only one beam when we use it, but 3 rotating beams when the borg use it

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