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12-06-2012, 02:37 PM
Hi Dan, Great job on STO.

When we will see a continue to the story? I love all the additions to the game but I want to know what happens next. Also can you give us any hints at the story?

If the Klingon ships aren't selling as well as y'all had hope, would it be possible to lower the price for them? I personally would be interested in buy some of them if they were cheaper.

Is there any movement or discussion about upgrading current FED ships or making fleet versions of the any other the FED ships that do not have one already? Also it there any plans to do more Non-fleet retrofits like the ones we see in for the Heavy Cruiser, Escort, and Science ships?

With the limited number of ships each player's account can have, and the recent additions of ships to the C Store and fleets, could the player be given some kind of trade in value for the ship he or she deletes in order to make room for the new ship?

Is there any plan to add more clothing/ customization to special event BOFFs (ie Reman Science Officer Candidate, Borg Science Bridge Officer Candidate, Breen Tactical Officer Candidate, and Jem'Hadar Tactical Officer Candidate) and FED uniforms for Federation Enemy Faction Bridge Officer and vice verses for the Klingon version?