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1st sry for mi english.

Hi mr Dan.

Q1_ Fed side, many people are complaining about the low dps of the scie and eng rol(and skills nerfed), i dont want match a escort dps or have a DHC in all cruciers or scie ship, why dont give a small bonus only for role weapons like cruciers have a bonus for use torpedos and scie for use beams, escort already have a lot of edge for use DC and DHC

Q2 _can the dev team look this :
This would open up many possibilities for customization to the players for use their favorite ship at end game lvl (not the tier1 or tier3) but the tier 4 and 5 will be capable of this, also this will made more easy for the (C) store sales in any faction.

Q3_KDF side : could at least be able to put our own fleet emblem in the (C) store ships like the orion corsair carrier

Q4_KDF side. Why the kdf side are pushed only to piracy, what about those we choose the path of honor and loyalty to the empire? is time for a civil war to put things in order in the empire
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