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12-06-2012, 03:02 PM
1) If the fleet ac if going to be at tier 5 an chance yo can give it a bit more than what you given it atm or could you lower it to tier 3? This is includes other ships as well, it seems for such expensive ships you giving not alot in return.
2)Dear Devs, you say you update ship models from time to time when you get the chance, my question is which ships are you planning on updating/improving on this time?
3)Any chance you can add more windows to the ships, I swear the feds ships have more windows on there hull. It will make the ships seem bigger in my opinion. Also shouldn't all the 25th century new ships that are made after the odyssey from the C-store come with the Advanced QSD? Like the odyssey classes, chirmra, vesta etc so how come ships like the sao paula class, regent class does not have one equipped? Does this seem fair?
4) The fleet ac and fleet excelsior are not showing up on the tier 3 and 5 list?
5)Ask Cryptic, when will, us players, we have the option to choose if we want the impulse and warp engine trails off and on? This way you guys will still be happy if you want the ships to have the engine trails and at the same time let the players who don't want the engine trails can turn them off. Everyone is happy.
6) Any chance we can have options to customise our ships, every detail?

That is it for now, thanks.