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12-06-2012, 03:03 PM
1. Will KDF get any new story content?
2. Will KDF get any new c store ship?
3. Will KDF get fleet kar'fi and guramba?
4. Can we have better rewards in fleet marks?
5. Wil decloaking "feature" ever be removed?
6. When invisible plasma torpedoes will be fixed?
7. When borg in stfs will be unbuffed in damage output? (i mean crazy crit hits/one shot hits, combined with respawn timer-death penalty isn't fun)
8. Will pvp get any update (maps, rewards, maybe ranking)?
9. Will KDF get ship with 5 tac consoles? I know bortasqu variant got 5 but it isn't escort ship.
10. Could marks be awarded for doing romulan and borg story content?

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