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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
From what I can tell, the biggest obstacle is really a social one... people are quick to jump on a stranger, but no one wants to tell their friends that, hey, maybe you should leave that console off. Basically it comes down to the feelings of randoms vs. those of friends, or players you're close to, and most end up making the obvious call.

I don't think it makes them bad people by any means but the problem is there.
Whenever I team with friends or fleet-mates from my large KDF fleet I will ask them to remove certain things if I find that they are using things like AMS, tric mines, or siphon drones. I actually find friends, fleet mates, or just random people on my team much more responsive to my requests than if I were to ask the opposing team the same thing. This is pretty much all I can do, and I think if just 1 person on a team did this when they teamed up with people then the matches would be much cleaner and more enjoyable for all. There are probably some other things I should add to my list, but I find these 3 things suck the enjoyment out of a match more than anything else.