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12-06-2012, 04:27 PM
I have to say I too have noticed a few things that have been added that go completely against canon.

CBS are meant to have some sort of say in what does and doesn't get put in yet we get silly things like said dominion attacks happening.

I also personally hate how they keep adding non-faction ships to the game. Why the hell would a Starfleet officer fly a Tholian ship...

Maybe im poking holes and I know it stirrs the non-trekkies wild into buying lockboxes (genius idea!) but I still dislike it.

And yea lockboxes... Bloody brilliant idea. It often amuses me with the whiney posts about how someone bought ?50 worth of keys and they still didn't get the ship, etc. Id love to see how much money they have made on people gambling on these lockboxes. Its genius...