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12-06-2012, 03:37 PM
My answer will probably be KDF biased so I apologise in advance!

My short term would be more end-game gear, customisable options and whatever fluff you can throw at the game. Id like Klingons to lose the ability of using Tribbles and gain the ability to use the new bloodwine toasts in its place. Id also like a bloodwine fountain to be purchasable for ship interior mess halls (so we can get said buff), and of course sell-able bloodwine types...

'I like my bloodwine very young and very sweet'

Mid term would be more season episodes (been too long since the last!), and more missions in general. A potential new set of STF's would also be quite nice with a potential new enemy. Perhaps we can explore more into the undine attacks?

Also all new missions added should be told from 2 perspectives. There are always two sides to an argument and currently we only see 1, the feds. Tell the same story from a KDF perspective with KDF unique goals and reasons for and you will appease a LOT of the KDF community. Plus you also create a reason for Feds to roll over to KDF. Same content, different variety.

Long term would be to add a third and final faction with fully implemented 3-way pvp scenarios and contested battlegrounds (neutral sector for example). Fight for resources to enable purchase and participation in grander rewards/activities. Romulans would be a nice third faction to focus on (and its also very popular) with mechanics that focus on their style of combat. Skullduggery, espionage and downright back stabbery.

Re-done exploration missions including a lot of non-combat options. Federation diplomatic missions, KDF raid missions and so on.

Level cap raised.