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Originally Posted by robboace View Post
I think with various people informing people they are having this problem already confirms there is indeed a server-side issue - on all of my other online games I have no issue whatsoever.

Tracerroutes, nettest etc will show many different various problem possibly not related to teh server not responding issue that may compound the issue.
"All of your other online games" do not follow the same route to their respective servers that STO does. It astounds me how many people still use that rationale.

Perhaps I may have to simplify matters to explain why "my other online games work, therefore it must be a problem with STO servers" does not fly as an argument.

You go to visit two people at different homes. Do you take the same route to get there? No, you take different streets and such.

Same thing with online games. Different "homes" (servers), therefore different routes. An issue with one route may not appear on another route.

For instance, there seems to be a lot of bottlenecking in the Boston leg of most traceroutes I've seen to this point. Another game may not have to follow that route or pass through that specific relay.

Your traceroute actually supports that last statement.

14 91 ms 92 ms 92 ms [154.54
15 88 ms 88 ms 89 ms [154.54.46.

16 99 ms 89 ms 90 ms
17 89 ms 88 ms 88 ms
Those two relays. Ideal transit time is around 50ms, those times are borderline problematic. I've run several dozen traceroutes for the hell of it, those two relays that are bolded are problematic on almost every single one.

They're in the Boston area (hypothesizing from the relay names, which are usually such that their place of origin can be fairly easily identified for troubleshooting purposes), so that issue may be one of the lingering remnants from Sandy. Although, yes, that storm was some time ago, cleaning up data and internet infrastructure is usually on the low end of most disaster recovery priority lists.

The server is the last hop on that trace. Since the lag is occurring prior to that point, my hypothesis that the issue is in transit with that particular leg of the journey.
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