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Originally Posted by robboace View Post
Sorry but Im very well aware that different games use different protocols, routes etc to access the servers etc.

The argument of it is the 'sto servers are having a problem' is quite true in the fact that if you look at my nettest and tracert results it confirms I seemingly have no problems.
If indeed the boston hops are a problem then it still confirms that the routing to the server needs to be changed for people located in my locale and othesr that pass through that area.

I do not find your condescending manner of explaining how online games work to help at all
Call it whatever you will, there are several others posters that state that "oh, my connection works with X game so it must be YOUR server". And that argument simply does not work. If you, as you claim, understand that different games use different routes, then why make the claim that it can't possibly be a transit issue?

Your nettest is fine, but the final hops of your trace do raise an issue. I do recall pointing that out in my post as well.

Changing routing is not as easy as the snap of a finger. It's not the first time this issue has come up with STO (if I recall, in fact, there was another issue not so long ago with a different Cogent route that took forever to resolve), and it involves hoping that the ISP will actually do something about it, as this is not something PWE can directly influence.
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