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Hello again,

So I've started my third character, Klingon Tac officer, and in an effort to try something different from where I've been so far, I've got him commanding a BOP. It was quite a change going from my Engineer's Neghvar, but once I got past the adjustment, it's been fun.

A stumbling point, though, is trying to select Boffs and powers. All those Universal slots are making me cry, "Freedom, horrible freedom!" Assuming one ends up in a Heghta or a Fleet Hohsus, you end up with 1 Cmdr, 1 LC, and 2 Lts. I am in complete ADD meltdown/information overload trying to figure out which station will take which officer, equipped with which power. If I list which powers I'm considering, could I trouble folks for some feedback?

(Equipment note: the ship is sporting Disruptor DHC & DBB and a quantum torp fore, with a second Q aft alongside a turret. All of these are Mk6s, crafted by an alt and transferred so I could have more oomph than the standard Mk4s would have afforded. When I get a 4th forward mount, I figure a second DHC will be the call.)

Tactical: HYT, BO, TT, APO, and CRF are the jump-right-out-at-me choices.

Engineering: EPTS and ET are the obvious ones to me, anything else?

Science: the random officer I got at the outset has Tachyon Beam, which sounded appealing until I realized it's an over-time affair, and I'm trying *very* hard to not be in a fight for any length of time. So my short-but-needs-to-get-shorter list for Science is Jam Sensors, HE, and Science Team, with Tractor Beam leaving me wondering if it has any possibilities.

For Devices, I was figuring on using that Subspace Field Modulator in one slot (when I get to that mission); for the second slot, any thoughts on which battery type gives the most bang for the buck?

TIA for any and all help. Loadout for a BOP. PVE with a BOP, Heavy PVP with a BOP, Heavy PVP with a Norgh PVE in a Raptor.

Added this as the new content favors BOP in about 2 events. The rest, not so much. Anyone that feels the need to disagree you go right ahead. This is my stock Raptor. I've since changed up and set one up really to maximize speed and aoe. I switch out the aoe for single target if I feel the need on 'bosses'. It is a very nice sturdy ship for a tac to use for end game PVE for when the BOP's special abilities don't really have a niche.

Cheers and happy flying!

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