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1. In order to bring more players to the KDF side what about adding a new ship and/or maybe new "slots" that can be purchased in the C-Store or through an upcoming lock box?
A ship like a true warrior vessel that has 4 Fore and 4 Aft weapon slots, but with one of each (Fore/Aft) slot being dedicated to port/starboard flanks. This will allow a Klingon to equip Cannons-only in those special slots and thereby make this ship a TRUE Warrior-like vessel!
On the other hand if you don't want to design one specific ship, what about allowing the KDF side (to start then allow Feds later) to buy a specific extra slot that can be placed (on purchase) into any area of their ship.
2. I read this earlier and had to repeat it: "Provisioning projects require a rather hefty chunk of dilithium for a rather small number of provisions (especially at lower tiers) and the fact that these items have a dilithium cost attached to them when purchased in the cases of equipment makes this an incredible burden for small the point where running provisioning projects isn't really worth the hassle. Would you, or have you, considered adding in dilithium free provisioning projects with increased run timers (40 hours instead of 20), lowered payouts (half the provisioning), increases in the other inputs, or some combination of the three?"
3. When will it be available for us to place our Fleet Emblem on our Fleet Starbase exterior or even the floor of the Ops area?
4. I read earlier someone else had a really good question about: When will we be able to take older items and Craft upgrades for them? Like turning our Phased Tetryon Beam Array Mk X into Mk XII's? Or adding [Crit] or [Reg] to items?
5. What about adding options to our customizations of our ships or uniforms like adding glowing strips in the Patterns available now? Something like having the Orion Pattern be glowing, making it look a little like Tron or even the Delorean from Back to the Future. Same with our standard uniforms. Allow us to add a GLOW color to the striping on our uniforms.
6. The Founders sent out 100 babies into the galaxy to explore and come back. Only Odo and Laas were ever recovered. What about the eventuality of adding an expensive new Playable Character or Bridge Officer that is a Changeling? In honor of Constable Odo I would suggest that if it is a Bridge Officer it is a Tactical Officer.
7. I also read and agree with a previous post that mentioned you should work on making an entire upcoming Season be all about fixing, updating, expanding/simplifying current issues, problems, questions, and concerns that have been slowly piling up on you.
8. What are your thoughts on upgrading Boarding Parties that survive and return to being able to TAKE from the ship they boarded? For instance: My Boarding Party goes aboard a Borg ship and manages to damage them and return, with Borg Neural Processors or a Borg Device or maybe even some Omega Marks...thoughts on this?

That's all I have for now. I would be happy to expand any of these ideas if you need. just contact me in-game.
I am Merlyn (merlyn@murcray) and I am with The Wildcards!

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