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Originally Posted by robboace View Post
I have not claimed it is not a transit issue at all. However it is still not from my end that the issue is at, it is in the routing of the data packets.

Obviously routing cannot be changed as simply as that but with the amount of people with the same or similar problem (patching, disconnections and server not responding then urgent action needs taking.

Please try and be a bit more polite instead of condescending in your manner as some people do understand how the internet in general works.

Not trying to be condescending, really. You're someone that does understand a bit in general, I'll grant you that--you just happened to be the person who was standing at ground zero when I went on my rant.

There are, unfortunately, many that don't understand how the internet works. Too quick to level their finger at the company without performing even basic diagnostics even when the instructions to do so are at their fingertips.

Methinks I rant too much, though, I suppose. Must be getting cantankerous.
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