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On Dec. 6th 2010, you had these long-term goals for the Foundry:

Longer Term Foundry Goals
The following features are also being tracked for future updates, but will take some time before they will be completed.

Improved ways for authors to collaborate on projects
Author rating based on overall ratings of missions they’ve created
Web access to searching Foundry-generated missions

Map Editor Future Goals

Create fully customized interior layouts from room and hallway pieces
Place lights directly on a map
Use a random name generator for contacts and actors
Placing anomaly? crafting nodes into maps
Custom behaviors for encounters (custom AI)
Placement of auto-generated civilian populations
The ability to create custom planetary surface (exterior) maps
3-D visualization while editing to improve placement of details
Make a random map? option to speed up map creation

Mission Editor Future Goals

Give the player quest items used by the mission
The ability to create content that takes place on the player's own bridge? interior
Custom cut scenes as part of the mission

Other Uses of Foundry Content

Using Foundry to create custom starship bridge and ship interiors
Using Foundry to create custom starbase interiors
Using Foundry to create PvP maps
Using Foundry to create Fleet Action maps

As you can see - there are a lot of great features coming for the Foundry. We are already seeing great missions with the features we have now and the power of the tools will grow over time while (hopefully) still retaining the simple learning curve.

What is going on with your list of long-term goals for the Foundry set in 2010? Are these goals still goals? Can you please tell us if any of these goals are being worked on by someone on the STO team?

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