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12-06-2012, 04:57 PM
1. Do you plan to ever give Fleet Starbases something that actually fits the idea of what is essentially a military base thats actually worth the input required? (disco floors and a small fish tank arent what I'd call worthwhile investments)

2. Some people have been complaining that Antiproton's proc is pointless and the fact I use all AP weapons means I'm getting the sore end of the whinge stick. Do you ever intend to re-evaluate the procs and bring AP more into line with the others?

3. Whats on the table for the next major functionality upgrade for the Foundry? When I say major I mean things like a better map editor or branching/career-specific objectives.

4. The way combat groups are scaled in the game makes it so that using the unique abilities of a certain ship in all group sizes is next to impossible. Would it ever be possible to change group scaling so that the mobs you fight stay the same, but there stats are increased to reflect the more firepower and co-ordination that comes with a group? Something like this would mean you could finally implement Dreadnought NPC groups in the Foundry (limit how many can be on any map at any one time if balance is an issue). Also while we're on Foundry combat groups, the co-ords for positioning the NPCs are broken, they shoot off in random directions when I just want them to go down a bit.

5. You've already brought in Quad Phasers and Disruptors, any plans to add versions for other energy types somehow?
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