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Bashir is stronger , smarter , faster and tougher than ANY other character in DS9 (and could probably match data in some areas ) he is a genetically engineered biot

Your basic Klingon is tougher and harder to kill (hand to hand) than a human or even a Vulcan
The Vulcan is stronger and has better reflexes (in 1 G gravity)
However the Klingon is more angry , better trained and able to kill
Vulcans are revolted by violence especially if they are the one commiting it

Of course the average Vulcan is also slightly more intelligent than the average TNG Klingon

Original series Klingons are smarter than TNG Klingons and of course better dressed

Of course the most dangerous character in DS9 is actually ODO he is a perfect combatant and as long as no phasers were involved could kill Everyone