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Takes about 8 or so full snowball fights (have to kill the final giant) or a few of the Lobi boxes which are 5 Lobi each. There are like 5 or 6 different items that you need to have about 10 - 8 of to get one jacket ... obviously, I'm not being very specific, but at least those are facts. I had nothing that I really wanted to spend my 170 Lobi on so I decided to spend 80 on boxes and was able to get lots of goodies.

By the time you get your new computer you'll certainly have enough time to get some good stuff.

There are also 3 different colors for each of the 3 types of jackets, so 9 total options.
Oh yeah. Thanks for the info. You guys are like my only connection to what actually happens in STO.
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[Combat (Self)] Your Ramming Speed III deals 158125 (201492) Kinetic Damage(Critical) to [Player's Scimitar].
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