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12-06-2012, 08:21 PM
The Atrox is one of those ships that people laugh and poke fun at ... until they are on the receiving end of abuse from someone who knows how to use it.

The Atrox accels in the role of controller tank. You have Boff power slots for dual GW and dual TB. If you place Doffs correctly, you are looking at some SERIOUS control spam. If you use the correct hangar pets for the situation, the Atrox becomes deadly.

I have PERSONALLY witnessed a single Atrox and Defiant take 2 cruisers / 2 escorts in PvP and walk away with only 1 death on the carrier team's side. They used good communication and teamwork to dismantle their opponents, simply by the carrier holding one opponent at a time still while the Defiant came in on an Alpha strike. The pet spam was just there for added insult and to make the enemy targetting sensors overload.

Awesome ship, but don't expect to be a DPS god in it. Leave that to the escort that is hunting in your wake. 'Nuff Said.