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Couldn't agree with ya more Reyan! There was a time in my youth (ahhh...the heady '80s!) when I reveled in 'darker' entertainment, from sounds of 'The Cure', 'Depeche Mode' and 'The Smiths' to the literary musings of Anne Rice's 'Vampire Chronicles'. I was (and still am) an obsessive James Bond fan, who pined for the films to reflect Ian Fleming's moodier edginess, rather than the Roger Moore era's slap-stick antics. And I still love all those things and still they still evoke the same pleasure to me.

Yet, fast-forward from my teens to just past forty, and I've become absolutely sick and tired of virtually every filmmaker these days, trying to one up Chris Nolan's 'Batman' films for sheer "darkness". Hell, much as I enjoy Daniel Craig's Bond, I so wish they would just lighten the mood a little (not back to Moore, mind ya), but a touch lighter would be nice.

Looks like the new Trek film might need a helping of light, while it's busy delving "Into Darkness". It would be nice for Trek to have a balance of fun and substance, instead of flashy violence and brooding stares, all driven by what I fear might end up being a mindless plot.

And JJ Abrams is well and capable of making some fun stuff (I love 'Fringe'). Doesn't suit him or any other filmmaker to keep pushing this Chris Nolan worship.
It happened with Comic Books in the 90's. It was stupid then too. But eventually people will get tired of it.