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Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
So now the Enterprise is amphibious, not only can it take off from it's construction site on the ground it's now a submersible, what's next with these films, the Enterprise coming down to zap giant guys in rubber dinosaur suits that are torching Tokyo?
Well I'll be watching it, but I think I might wait until it goes to video, because I'm sure I'll be thrown out of the theater for rolling in the aisles laughing my A-- off.
I'd like to point out we don't know which ship that crashed and submerged. It could likely be the Enterprise, but it could also be another ship, just to throw us off.

And I might add, the fact they were crashing in the first place instead of with a prodecure, shows this wasn't exactly something the ship was meant to. But because of emergency circumstances, they're forced to make due

And I don't see how being built on the ground is a bad thing We know ST has all kinds of gravity tech, so why not use a little large-scale anti-gravs to help in construction; keep it afloat? And I really think Impulse power would clear plantery orbit in no time, even if they had to start slow by simply using thrusters to get manuevering room.
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