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12-06-2012, 11:58 PM
Originally Posted by stark2k View Post
I had to try it, I just did, more out of curiousity. I ran the race for the ship articles on all my toons on my main account, and only 1 toon on my sec account (I ran out of gas by then). - Lucky the wife was away all day at my inlaws.

I have 41 toons on my Main and 9 toons on my sec account = 50 Toons

I ran the race with 42 in total.

Started at 2pm and finished at 7:05pm - total of 5hrs

No freakin way will I ever do this again, and wanted to gauge my eyes out after running the thing for the first 1hr and a 1/2.

I pretty much have the race pattern down pack - Trust me anyone who know me on these forums, I had my issues with trying to obtain the Red Gift Boxes, meaning I ran the races every day since it started until it finished in an attempt to get the BUG ship.

The race is made slightly difficult during the Giant Snow Man event, players tend to grief by pulling the snowmen minions into the race track, that and the fact that they also appear on the track.
That's mental - if you tried that every day for a week - I am sure suicide would follow!