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12-06-2012, 11:04 PM
  • Any hope on a Fleet Dreadnought ,Fleet Odessey, and Fleet Chimera?
  • PvP updates?
  • PLEASE some Odyssey and Chimera variants or skins!?
  • Any Featured episodes on the horizon?
  • Why is the Fleet assault cruiser at Tier 5?

Finally, is there any plans for content that doesn't require insert x of y to get result z? I miss the story of the game. While I'm happy for season 7, I want to explore new worlds meet new civilizations and actually do more Star Trek activities. Farming critters, grinding dilithium and mark upon mark isn't Star Trek, and while I know some people enjoy that sort of experience, I do not. Where's the Star Trek?

Also... Any hints on the 3 year anniversary?

Merry Christmas to you and the staff at Cryptic/PWE.