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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
And I don't see how being built on the ground is a bad thing We know ST has all kinds of gravity tech, so why not use a little large-scale anti-gravs to help in construction; keep it afloat? And I really think Impulse power would clear plantery orbit in no time, even if they had to start slow by simply using thrusters to get manuevering room.
Building on the gound is bad because even with anti-grav sled to help manipulate the components of the ship being built gravity is still acting on the component. It can slip and fall to the ground. In a zero-g environment the components can be manipulated and moved in to place easier. In addition, a ship the size of the Enterprise would have trouble keeping form it would be more likely to crumple and buckle. A zero-g environment wouldnt have this issue.

It's simply easier to build something large and complex in zero-g.

I dont really know how the impulse drive would work in the atmosphere.