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Originally Posted by amayakitsune View Post
Building on the gound is bad because even with anti-grav sled to help manipulate the components of the ship being built gravity is still acting on the component. It can slip and fall to the ground. In a zero-g environment the components can be manipulated and moved in to place easier. In addition, a ship the size of the Enterprise would have trouble keeping form it would be more likely to crumple and buckle. A zero-g environment wouldnt have this issue.

It's simply easier to build something large and complex in zero-g.

I dont really know how the impulse drive would work in the atmosphere.
Well you'd think in a futuristic series like ST, this wouldn't be much of an issue, considering their general ease of doing things In fact, they probably rigged up some technobabble to put an anti-gravity field on the Enterprise herself, neutralizing it's weight, but not overdoing it that it started floating.

Somehow, that wouldn't surprise me

And I'd think impulse would work the same whether it was atmosphere or deep space It's designed to move the ship forward/backward/whatever direction after all, no special tricks required (unlike warp drive)
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