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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
There's no reason to get snippy. In fact that was downright rude. I was putting out logical simple arguments, and you give me this? An age comment would be appropriate here, but instead I shall simply ask this:

Why should the wings move? What good would they do the ship? How would it be cosmetically appealing?
ok, snippyness aside, how about this; they get the nacelles out of the line of fire to the main body or they get the weapons on the wing in a better position to fire? i dont freaking know because i didnt design the thing! thats not what i wanted to debate! I DONT CARE WHY ITS THERE!!! i just wanted the thing to work as it was designed, thats all. im one of those that likes the moving things, it adds flavor, even just a little bit. take the chimaera, not the best looking ship nor is it the most powerful, but its pretty cool when it goes into tac mode, useless as it is as a warship, i like looking at it. and if they made a b'rel without moving wings it would be a k'vort. same class of ship but different. yes i get it its the vor cha family, but why is it so hard to swallow that you can have moving parts on a retrofit? and why do people have to get butthurt about changing things in the game?