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Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post
yes mimey. you have the thought there. or the spirit at the very least.

since the game, and the systems and mechanics keep us from policing each other, it would be great, for gaming's just humble ourselves, in spite of what we could do, to just come to agreement... when q'ing up together, as a team...or 1v1...just to give ourselves this minor limitation.

this will bring the player himself/herself to the fore front of the match. instead of just.....well, using the ample weapons at hand to just utterly void piloting, and play style, or in your example....

if the USA really wanted to win any war, we would just incendiary carpet bomb whoever into we did to Japan. i think as human beings we have moved past that. neglecting any humanity to win at all costs.


we are here because we hold very similar values in the future of humanity.... and well, gaming... and there are star ships!

i have dedicated my professional life to exemplify this thought process. and i just can't see past my own personal experiences, with all involved in this game, that we cannot achieve this. in some, silly, minute manor.

have fun.......kill bad guys
Thank you, if it's alright, I will continue my analogy/comparison.

This is all still as I put in my earlier post, and in many ways, you PvP fleets agreeing to this, are much like those treaties as again, shown before.

However, just be careful of one thing, this could also be considered a means to other fleets as showing the 'haves', you all here, to hurt the 'have nots'.

The 'haves' in this case being PvPers and various super-powerful things (SNB DOFFs are a good example). The 'have nots' being newer or less rich PvPers (or even non-PvPers), who do not own the super-powerful things.

It could potentially be seen, should others learn of this, that in a way, this is to say, 'we, the major PvPing fleets have all agreed upon that certain things are never to be used, but we aren't getting rid of them, we just won't use them, and help curb the use of anyone else using them as well.'

Perhaps it'd be an extreme case, but don't you all think that maybe, just maybe, someone could get the wrong idea? Think if you were looking at this (as I generally am) from the outside. What if you were looking at PvPing, and heard about how all these big PvPers were basically saying 'well we aren't gonna use these, and neither should you'; sure no one can police it, but it's not like people wouldn't be worried about getting flamed even under the suspicion of doing something.

Or they'd get mad, and basically give a big middle space-finger to the 'rules' and do whatever they want anyways, because why should some other people decide what's right and what's wrong? Especially since they, the person who's mad in the first place, never agreed to such a thing to begin with.

Now again, this is just the extreme end possibly, but something worth bringing up, because some countries in the world, DO feel that way when it comes to how more powerful countries treat the possession of nuclear weapons.

I'll use myself as an example:

I bought 3 SNB DOFFs off the exchange the other day. So, does that automatically make me 'bad' to own them? I suppose it makes me a 'nuclear power' in that I DO own them, true. Can anyone here stop me from using them potentially in the queues?* Not really.

*And before anyone does jump down my damn throat about it, I'm not gonna use em anyways.

Also, let's not forget there will always BE something. If not SNB DOFFs, than Tric mines. If not trics, then the Breen Energy weapon (to be decided of course). If not that, then something else. There will always be something, just be wary of that, and try not to jump on things too quickly to declare them over powered.

I have a question now:

Could you all, with absolute, and complete, 100% truth, tell me that if asked, would delete your SNB DOFFs, along with every other 'forbidden' item in PvP, forever?

I know everyone is ok to not use them, but deleting them for good is a different story. It's much like nukes in the real world, easy to say 'ok, let's NOT blow ourselves to kingdom come', but very difficult to agree to 'I need to get rid of these? You still have some though, get rid of them as well. If you do, I will too.'

I don't doubt that many of you here, who would agree to this accord, would though. At first. You trust yourself, and I can probably guess right in that you trust your fleet mates. But do you trust each other? I don't think there completely would be.

I don't mean that as an insult at all, just a bit I'd noticed. I think there would be at least a tiny bit of doubt in any of your minds that 'if mine are gone for good...then I can't counter someone else using them'...

...and then we're right back where we began.

Truly it's a nasty circle. Just as nukes are so difficult to let go out in the real world, so can some of the things that we have here, be as well.

Again, none of this is meant to be insulting, mean, trolling, flaming, or anything else, just what I see as an 'outsider looking in' to all this.

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