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12-07-2012, 12:16 AM
Whats the point of this thread again?
Somebody gave you a lot of horrible toys. Most people agree on that some of those toys are over the top and kill peoples fun in the game when used. Everybody knows that, whether he agrees or not.
If you decide to use those toys whatsoever, deal with the response you get and the reputation you build up. Don't come here crying about people talking bad about you and your buddies. You know it kills peoples fun but you still you use it. You're a b?tch. You get called names. Suck it up or play clean.
Don't make craptic responsible for it. We all know they sh?t on pvp. Most people manage to not use the stuff. Why can't you? And it's totally not about drawing a certain line. If it were so hard to define that line, it wouldn't be the same fleets getting called out by everyone.