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12-07-2012, 01:04 AM
Originally Posted by tripwire690 View Post
Fantastic. It is obvious you have some animosity toward my fleet. I'm not sure why your animosity though is directed at me. It's obvious you don't know me. Whatever you didn't like about my fleet before has nothing to do with the publicly stated efforts by me now to change the light with which my fleet is looked upon. My business with Broken is not your concern. I've been threatened and ridiculed by him personally and for that the business I have with him is personal and my own. As far as your challenge goes its accepted. I'll happily suck chef's chocolate salty balls with whipped cream on top if you can beat a 5 man Nova Core team in shuttles. I look forward to meeting Risa Squadron in the queues.
Its been done before. We have taken nova several times in the past w/o being sire spamsalot. And your bad attributed is of my concern since he is my fleet mate. An attack on one if an attack on all.

I just think its hilarious how you all think your some sort of bad ass and you can't even beat us with your spam. Sure it's a PIA, but pure and absolute skill out beats pure noob p2w garbage.

Hell last time I beat down Nova I turned on my auto macro's and just used the mouse to pilot. Not timing anything and just auto firing everything, and yes yall still went down like Broken on a knish. nom nom nom