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# 4 Hi
12-07-2012, 02:02 AM
I have all three dedicated carriers

It could be because im not a sci but I could not pull the atrox off

My voquv is a machine massive dmg from adv.bop's and able to lay some decent fire down itself with a Lcmdr tac Boff

From what I've seen of most sit-ups out there the atrox sucks in pve if you want to be a player that holds somebody in place whilst another person does the damage then go for it but if you want to do actual damage and complete missions by yourself save your money and wait n see if something pops up in the z/c store that screams I must have you

Lets face it you can grav well and tractor beam donatra as much as you want but unless somone "brings the rain" as it were she ain't just gunna commit Star Trek suicide

(These opinions are based on pve as I don't pvp much)