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Originally Posted by rokesmith View Post
You know, I wonder if them being character bound was one of the selling points to CBS on them being limited.

Though I think we're giving CBS too much credit - I have a feeling that we've reached a point where CBS doesn't even care anymore, to a certain point.

This sounds like CRYPTIC Bantha Fodder all over it.

Originally Posted by rokesmith View Post
The Bug was available free too - and we all complained that it was too random, too hard.

The Red Gift Boxes had to be purchased via the CStore back then, and there was little to "NO" Red Gift Boxes rewarded at the end of the race.

Ask anyone on these forums what were the odds of acquiring a Red gift Box at the end of the race, let alone a BUG from one of them as a prize - Your chances were 99.9% of obtaining nothing.

Many players like me, were forced to buy Red Gift Boxes from Hell without "them" disclosing the odds. Heck there was an entire thread dedicated to researching the odds.

I know of players (in the plural), that spent over a thousand dollars on those Red Gift Boxes and never received the BUG, Heck there was even a Dev that was quoted as saying that folks who spent hundred dollars or more should be given the BUG, a Dev - of course that never came to fruition.

You know what, let me not say anymore, I'm just opening up old wounds.

Originally Posted by rokesmith View Post
However you look at it I think it's a great step in the right direction and most of the players (especially those casual players we never see on the forums anyway) won't be doing it regularly enough to actually get it.
So you feel thats a good thing? Just to keep things limited, actually its a flawed statement - Truth is the ship is nothing but a novelty item, and for a month or so of being played with, people will probably toss the thing into ESD docking bay. It is like all new toys that CRYPTIC gives us, very few players will remain flying that PUGLY Breen thing.

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