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12-07-2012, 03:13 AM
Why so much bad ju-ju? I've been watching this thread unfold and its (no offence intended) but it seems like an Ego contest.

To Quote Horizon when he flamed at me sometime ago when I posted about pre-made teams
"you're not the kirksauce"

I'm most definately not this kirksauce, I don't want to be either, PvP is all well and good when there is a good competitive atmosphere, but being all un-sporting and being all flame and blame isn't getting anyone anywhere but a trip to sulk land.

I'm aware of almost every fleet mentioned, I have respect for alot of you and your fleets, although I wouldn't expect any of you to actually be aware of me, I don't exactly PvP to often anymore or even telegraph that I'm a PvP'er although I really enjoy it.

Also I like to generally just 1v1 these days, I have a good build for that, I don't stick to specific builds.
I wouldn't say that I'd win against some of the more experienced PvP'ers but I would do my best and still have the sportsmanship to actually not give two hoots about a complete roll over anymore, its going to happen.

I've also learned that it doesn't really matter what we really think about spam or pay to win consoles, the players in the minority of not being active in the forums, or not in a fleet that has any players aware of pay 2 win consoles being an issue for PvP'ers.

my issue is no matter what we do we're still going to get new players who are going to use them, the repuation system has single handedly given the player who was here before season 7, the advantage of better equipment, we should atleast take that into consideration when we start seeing the new players who start to PvP using less than effective equipment, and having pay to win consoles, that for the most part is the only advantage they have... would we like to be stripped of our advantages? probably not.

I'm in the minority but I do see players who clearly abuse the system because of Pay To Win consoles, those who like to logout just before death for instance, then complain "I couldn't move all that pay to win spam I aint dying from that crap"

I fight fair, I do not use pay to win consoles, I don't put money toward getting them, I don't open boxes. the only thing I have that is considered "pay to win" is the Red Matter Capacitor and I got that from my Collectors Edition