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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
Also, on the 360 degree maneuverability: Even if the starships in Star Trek didn't appear to obey some principle of gravity, we still wouldn't have that sort of maneuvering in this game. . .and for two good reasons. One, the game engine isn't designed for that. Two, human beings aren't designed for that. Do people have any idea how disorienting 360 degree combat mechanics would be through a 2D screen of limited capabilities?
Umm, with a bit of practise, it's not difficult at all?

How many space combat games are there out there that do allow free 360 degree movement? How many of those space combat games keep being mentioned among gamer's top lists of games? Hell, TIE Fighter is still considered by IGN and other places to be one of the world's greatest games, and that is almost 20 years old.

Also, as far as the principles of gravity go on Star Trek... What principles of gravity? All of their ships have inertial dampeners and artificial gravity, so maneuvering really shouldn't be a problem, no matter what axis its on.