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12-07-2012, 02:30 AM
ok so i own atrox voquv kar'fi and have compaired the atrox and voquv on my engineers. Who have the exact same build. When I finished and checked the log the voquv was 300 dps lower than my atrox. Atrox running adv peregrines voquv running adv bop. Atrox can tank but looses agro if not given time to grab it. My voquv runs in and volleys quick while shutting down sub systems and noone pulls agro off unless its another engineer with more tac slots avalible on a cruiser. They are really good ships if you take the time to learn them. My atrox's can do probe duty or Kang duty, heck ive even ran arround poping cubes and clearing sides in kase. learn the weaknesses then use them as advantages. Ever seen a atrox turn about and face an escort when you figure that out you will be ready for this ship