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12-07-2012, 02:30 AM
I have heard rumors about an upcoming TNG bundle. My question is if we could get an Battleship Galaxy Class Variant, a Galaxy Class like in TNG: Yesterdays Enterprise. I think it would be great, especially since we have now the Narendra system in game and the Ambassador Class on the far far horizon.

That ship would have all stats, Hull , BOFF & Console layout of the Regent Class, except that it looks like a normal Galaxy -R Class.
To give this ship an additional bonus you could make the ship parts of the Envoy, Celestial, and Galaxy availlable, just for the sake of creativity. Everyone who has bought the Monarch and the Venture will have those ship parts availlable too, of course.

Releasing such a ship would be a nice gesture to all TNG fans who are very unhappy, disappointed and frustrated with all the boring Galaxy Class variants in the Game. Flying a extreme Tank is just a pain and especially not how a Galaxy Class was in the shows and certainly NOT what many of us where expecting about how the Galaxy Class should be.

And now the interesting part for Cryptic ($$):
I think it would sell like hot cakes, just because it would be (finally) be a Galaxy Class with "teeth" and a much more active ship, in contrast to those passive Galaxy Class ships we have in this game.
You could make it a unlock for everyone who has already bought the Regent, charging 500 - 1500 ZEN. PLUS you would sell even more Regent class ships. So it would be a win - win for everyone!
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